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Headstone Inscriptions & Lettering

If you’re looking to find someone to engrave an inscription on a headstone or monument, you’ve come to the right place.

Timestone Monument is a family-run headstone company with more than 30 years’ experience. Located in Clifton Heights, PA, we serve Philadelphia and surrounding areas with the finest headstones, grave markers, cemetery markers and funeral related services.

Headstone inscription services have two purposes:

  1. New headstones: To engrave an inscription on a new headstone (usually for someone who has recently passed away). For information about selecting the wording and style of a headstone inscription, see our headstone buying tips.
  2. Existing headstones: To engrave an inscription on an existing headstone. This is commonly the case where a double headstone has been partly engraved to commemorate one deceased, and the customer is now looking to have the other part of the tombstone engraved for a second deceased. This is often referred to as additional inscription services. To add a name/date to an existing headstone, call us at 215-410-2352 or fill out the form below.

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Headstone Company Serving Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area

Headstone Shapes

Cemetery memorial can be flush to the ground (lawn level), slightly pitched (bevel), slanted (slant), or an upright monument which is usually a tablet on a base. Call us for more of the inventory.

Granite Colors

Granite comes in a variety of colors from various areas of the world. The fine granites come from United States, Canada, Africa, China, and India and are in colors such as grey, pink, brown, black, blue, green and red. See Granite Color Options.

Photo Laser Engraving

Manipulating an image and having your loved one’s photo engraved directly onto black granite with a laser machine. To ensure the best contrast, the premium black granite needs to be used for this process. A color or black and white photo may be used for this process.

Fast & Free Delivery

Most of our inventory headstone will be delivered around 2-3 weeks, for special orders it may take longer. Please contact us for more details. Please make sure the cemetery memorial requirements before order a delivery to selected cemetery. We must obtain written approval from the cemetery they will accept delivery before the memorial will be scheduled for shipment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensures your satisfaction and accuracy on every level.

* No obligation to our customer on the stage when we gather information

* FREE quote based on your input, as well as our photos and measurements from the existing stone monument

* GUARANTEE accuracy inscription and result

All work is performed onsite by experienced professionals using the newest laser etching and automatic sandblasting technology. Call Us Today! 215-410-2352 and let us find that unique and special memorial that best represents your loved one.

Headstone Company Serving Philadelphia, PA and surrounding area