How much will a headstone cost?

There are several factors that play into the cost of a headstone. From the type of material used (e.g. granite/bronze) to the finish, color, size, shape, and the complexity of the design.

Headstone, tombstone, monument, and grave markers are terms used interchangeably to represent the memorial of a loved one. For this article, we’ll use memorial.

Size and Shape

The size of the memorial is the primary factor to the overall cost. Consider the amount of granite used and how intricate the shape is. The larger the stone, the more it is likely to cost. The shape of a memorial can be standard or customized (teardrop/heart-shaped).

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Granite options and starting prices

  • Flush (flat, grass level) markers: starting from $900
  • Bevel memorials: starting from $1,000
  • Slant memorials: starting from $1,500
  • Single Upright Monument : starting from $2,600
  • Family Sized Upright Monument: starting from $3,200
  • Bench memorials: starting from $1,200
  • Columbarium: starting from $3,600

[Updated March 2021]

Memorial Material

Granite is the most common material used, because of its durability and affordability. It can withstand weathering such as climate changes, rain, sleet, snow, and salt. Memorials made of granite will stand the test of time and look as beautiful decades later as the day they were installed. Bronze is typically mounted on granite and is more expensive, but easy to maintain and able to withstand weathering.


Our memorials have a polished surface so they are engraved easily, however, the edges can come in a variety of finishes. The polished finish has a smooth, shiny look which makes for a reflective surface. It is the most popular finish, but also the more expensive option because it is a multi-step process to achieve this look. Additionally, the polished finish requires more maintenance, including regular cleaning. Alternatively, a rock pitched or sawn finish is a natural, rustic looking finish that requires less maintenance and looks beautiful, in addition to costing less.

Granite Color

Granite colors come at a variety of price points. Gray is often the least expensive. The pricing varies depending on the place of origin. Generally, darker colors are more expensive due to the excellent contrast that makes darker granite more ideal for engraving. Additionally, some colors are examples of more rare granites that are priced higher due to their limited supply.

At TimeStone Monument, we have a wide selection of Granite stone colors. Please check out the inventory by calling us or online chat at the bottom of the page.


Many monument companies charge for artwork, lettering, and inscriptions. At TimeStone Monument the design elements are included in our base price, but the base price increases with the addition of accessories, such as adding a porcelain photo, bronze attachments, or vases and/or additional shape carvings are requested.

We are also able to laser high resolutions images onto your memorial. Laser etching burns the designs onto the granite and is best done on black colored granite. This is required so you can get a sharp contrast between black and white.

Delivery and Installation Costs

For customers local to us, delivery and installation costs are primarily influenced by the size of the memorial. The second factor is the distance from the monument company. Our delivery and installation pricing starts at $100.

Other Information

Cemeteries have rules and regulations requiring specific sizes or shapes and limitations on stone color and artwork options. Additionally, cemeteries have separate fees associated with placing a memorial such as the perpetual care fee, and a fee to place a foundation and/or install the memorial.  Generally, the perpetual care fee is collected only once the memorial has been purchased. We always recommend you contact your cemetery to ask what type of memorial is allowed before making a purchase.

Why Choose TimeStone Monument?

Timestone Monument is a family-run headstone company with more than 30 years’ experience. We serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and surrounding areas.  At Timestone Monument, you can expect excellent customer service, quality headstones, and unsurpassed craftsmanship. We have a large inventory on site with a variety of granite headstones and memorials, flat gray markers, benches, and slants. All work is performed onsite by experienced professionals using the newest laser etching and automatic sandblasting technology.

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